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Following on from the digitisation of all Australian Jewish newspapers project, AJHS embarked on a multi-year project to scan and identify photos from the pre-digital Photos of the Australian Jewish News from the 1960's through to 2000.

This first release covers some 13,000 photos, relevant to Australia and primarily from NSW. These are not only photos of major communal identities, and many of these photos have not previously been published in whole or in part.

AJHS has used a combination of handwritten data gleaned from the backs of photos and facial recognition software, Tag That Photo to name many of the people in the photos. We accept that this is not a perfect process. As of July 2024, over 9,500 different people have been identified and tagged.

We invite you to search for family and friends, and welcome your input if you recognise untagged faces or can fill the gaps in where and when the photo was taken. You can search by a person's name and see all the photos where they are present.

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Sample Photos and tagging