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While AJHS is not a lending library, we hold a vast collection of over 500 Genealogical and Historical reference books.

Titles and details are available by browsing or searching.

These books have been gathered over many years, Some are self-published, some hard to find or no longer available.

Our collection includes:

  • Jewish history relevant to Australia
  • Genealogical books from many countries including Australia
  • Genealogical Journals such as Avotanyu. Shemot, Gesher Galacia
  • Dictionaries of Jewish surnames from Germany, Galacia, Russian Empire
  • Genealogical guides for Germany & Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, United Kingdom
  • Family Stories

We invite you to come and browse either by attending our regular library workshops, or if you want help with researching genealogy by contacting AJHS Vice president Barbara Simon.

Library Books