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For those searching for information on Jewish burials, the lack of a central database recording details of some 95,000 Jews who now lie buried under Australian soil has posed a significant challenge.

There are 300 burial sites ranging from single graves in lonely outposts to over 21,000 graves at Rookwood NSW. Over a period of 28 years in the late 20th Century, Beverley Davis OAM, with the support of AJHS members, built an invaluable online resource the Beverley Davis Burial Data Collection known as the BD-BD and previously available at www.bd-bd.info. Beverley transcribed over 40,000 Jewish headstones and burial records from cemeteries in Australia and New Zealand, plus Australian War graves overseas.

AJHS has taken on the task of extending BD-BD and gathering as much information as possible in one large searchable database expanded regularly with data provided by Chevrei Kadisha nationally. Today this collection is over 84,000 records and is still growing.

As there are often multiple sources for information about the same burial, inconsistencies may occur and researchers are advised to confirm details from original sources. We welcome corrections and additional information and will incorporate these in subsequent updates. If family would prefer the redaction of personal information currently displayed for a direct relative, please provide your contact information, the records to be removed and reasons.

Special thanks to Gary Luke & Max Wald.

Last Updated 20 June 2023

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Hobart Synagogue Burial records, 1840s

Hobart Synagogue Burial log, 1840s