Helena Rubinstein in Toowoomba

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Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal, 24, 3 (2019)

Author(s) Angus Trumble AbstractHelena Rubinstein's eleven-year sojourn in Australia, during the second half of which she established in Melbourne and Sydney the first iteration of her business, has created much confusion and error in the mostly American Rubinstein literature. In particular, the year she spent in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs has proven perhaps the most difficult to document until now. Being one of the episodes that Helena Rubinstein seems to have been determined to airbrush out of her own myth, that of an almost entirely self-made businesswoman, ironically the missing year in Toowoomba is today far more likely to burnish it.
Keyword(s)Women; Toowoomba; Coleraine; Helena Rubinstein; Meltham; Astonette; Metcalfe vs. Keys; Steve Fairbairn; E.J. Metcalfe; Laurie E. Smith; Debonnaire Prudence Metcalfe; Jose Metcalfe; Bernhard Silberfeld; Louis Silberfeld; John Silberfeld
Helena Rubinstein in Toowoomba
Helena Rubinstein in Toowoomba