Jews of the Land: Mutual Farms and 'Mooringa'

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Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal, 24, 2 (2019)

Author(s) Marcelle Marks AbstractThis article outlines the history of the 'Jews on the Land Project,' undertaken in Australia for the newly founded Museum of the Jewish Diaspora in Tel Aviv. It includes the background to Jewish communal farming settlements, particularly in Shepparton, and to the work of the Australian Jewish Welfare Society in Sydney with the establishment of Mutual Farms in 1938 to assist Jewish refugees from Nazism to settle on the land. It focuses on the history of the communal farming settlement, 'Mooringa, ' in Cowra, New South Wales, established by Mutual Farms. The information is based on research and oral history interviews undertaken by the author, Marcelle Marks, in the early 1980s.
Jews of the Land: Mutual Farms and 'Mooringa'