Jewish colonists in Melbourne's early land sales

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Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal, 2, 5 (1946)

Author(s) Alan Benjamin AbstractThe starting point of Melbourne proper- has been ascribed, by at least one historian,' to June 1st, 1837, the day of the first land sale in the Port. Phillip District. Until that day every one of the 500 odd souls who had settled by the banks of the Yarra was, in point of legal propriety, a trespasser, and a trespasser wilfully flouting the proclamation of the Governor of New South Wales, who had sternly warned off all such interlopers. But the Governor had decided to give John Batman and his Port Phillip Association, and the rest of those 500 Yarra-hank trespassers, the chance of acquiring a proper title to the land upon which they had squatted. The land was to he put up for sale by public auction, and the lucky purchasers could get a good and proper title deriving from William, King of England, rather than from Jagajaga, Bungarie, Yanvan and the other Chiefs of a certain Native Tribe called nutigallar," with whom Batman two years earlier had made his well-intentioned, but officially unacceptable, treaty.'-
Jewish colonists in Melbourne's early land sales
Jewish colonists in Melbourne's early land sales