Sydney David Einfeld

Alt NameSyd
Date of Birth17 June 1909
Death Date16 June 1995

DesignationMHR Philip
Term1961 to 1963

ParliamentNew South Wales
DesignationMLA Bondi
Term1965 to 1984

BiographySydney David Einfeld was born in Sydney to parents who immigrated from Jasoslaw, Poland. His father Marcus arrived in Australia in 1909 to take up the position of chazan at the Great Synagogue less than a month before Syd’s birth and he was named for the family’s new city of residence. He became active in Jewish activities from an early age but the war years and the desperate plight of Jewish refugees led him to assume the communal leadership roles that he held for the rest of his life. He briefly entered the federal parliament in 1961 but his major legislative achievements were during his close to 20 year service in the NSW parliament as Minister for Consumer Affairs. The Syd Einfeld Drive in Bondi Junction and the Syd and Billie Einfeld Forest in Israel are named after him. Syd Einfeld died in Sydney at the age of 85. A biography by Suzanne Rutland may be found in the Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society 11(2).